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February 13, 2018

The Hangout 101 N Schuyler St.  Lena


The sport of wrestling provides a constant sense of suspense because a match can be won at any time, regardless of the score, if one wrestler PINS their opponent.  The ultimate show of dominance is to physically control and restrain an opponent in order to secure a pin.  The wrestler who earns the most pins, will be the PIN CHAMPION.

Every wrestler is a candidate for the Pin Champion.  Only scheduled club tournaments are counted toward this award and the age appropriate State tournaments end the season pin counts.

Don't think about winning. Think about dominating! - Pierre Pryor

When I go out there, I like to mark out that area of the mat and own it. I want to dominate. I want to humiliate. I want to show that guy and everyone in the gym that I am the best. "Abuse" doesn't sound right, but that's it. - Peter Yozzo, Lehigh University

If you don't invest much of yourself, then defeat doesn't hurt very much and winning isn't very exciting. - Dick Vermeil


Dillon Raab  25 Pins


Wyatt Raab  19 Pins


Drew Mensendike  17 Pins


Wyatt Raab  22 Pins


Kyle Kalkbrenner  25 Pins


TJ Calam  23 Pins


Ian Kuehl   31 Pins


Quincy Kalkbrenner   30 Pins


Quincy Kalkbrenner   23 Pins

Kyle Kalkbrenner   23 Pins


Hunter Binns  32 Pins


Hunter Binns  28 Pins


Hunter Binns  23 Pins

A pin can come from total domination or even from a last ditch move to salvage a match.  The bottom line and only thing that matters is that the referee slaps the mat.  Regardless of the specifics, these wrestlers dominated on the mat and earned the title of PIN CHAMPIONS.