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October 24, 2020

The Hangout 101 N Schuyler St.  Lena

Team Leaders

Top of the Class

The success of a wrestling team often depends on the strength of the individual wrestlers taking part in the practices.  Partners that will not settle for half speed or lazy work will require the same from their practice partners.  Either they raise their own level or the environment gets very uncomfortable.

The benefit of this structure is the success it yields in competition.  To see the hard work and dedication pay dividends.  The following statistics are posted and tracked for two reasons.  First, to recognize the wrestlers who finished their seasons at the top of the class.  Second, to encourage and motivate wrestlers to work harder in order to be recognized as a Team Leader!

The statistics that are tracked include: Total Wins, Winning Percentage, Total Pins and Pinning Percentage.  Each year, the top 5 wrestlers in each of these categories are considered the Top of the Class!

Total Wins

Total Pins